Photo: Isri Halpern. Design: Menusi-Benoish. Styling: Nurit Bat-Yaar

Photo: Isri Halpern. Design: Menusi-Benoish. Styling: Nurit Bat-Yaar
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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"Israel Fashion Art 1948-2008" in Simona's "2010 Israeli Fashion Obsessions"

"This is a tribute to a noteworthy fashion book that came out this year, but it’s also a tribute to an experienced fashion historian and a fabulous, sophisticated person. Nurit Bat-Yaar was the former fashion editor of Israel’s most well-known newspaper Yedioth Ahronot for 26 years after a modeling stint for Maskit multicultural designs. She also wrote about American fashion for 5 years for the newspaper Maariv. There’s so much more to Nurit, but you’ll have to read about it to find out." writes fashion blogger and  journalist Simona Kogan, an American in Israel, in her "2010 Israeli Fashion Obsessions" post published today in her in her blog "Fashion Israel - אופנה ישראלית" @
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Referring to the album-book called in Hebrew "שיכרון עיצובים - אמנות האופנה בישראל" Simona continues: "She certainly is an expert in the field, with her fashion experience culminating in the go-to book for Israeli fashion history: “Israel Fashion Art 1948-2008.” The book hits all of the major aspects that made Israeli fashion something special including everything from designers that based their work on exotic, cultural, and Middle Eastern trends in the Israeli environment to just how much Israeli designers made an impact on world fashion. While we have been in touch through e-mail for quite some time now, I finally had the chance to meet Ms. Bat-Yaar at the Philip Treacy event in December. I can tell you that she every bit the “first lady of fashion in Israel” that everyone says she is. I’m a fan of her style and her high collars which bring a sophistication to Israeli fashion I don’t often see. I’ve never met such a well-groomed, elegant woman in my life!"

Dear Simona,
You are so very kind. I thank you from the depth of my heart.

"Israel Fashion Art - 1948-2008" book-cover

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