Photo: Isri Halpern. Design: Menusi-Benoish. Styling: Nurit Bat-Yaar

Photo: Isri Halpern. Design: Menusi-Benoish. Styling: Nurit Bat-Yaar
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Monday, May 31, 2010

Renana Peled About "Israel Fashion Art 1948-2008": Exemplary Photographic Archive

Hi, "Book Week" is around the corner, and Ha-Ir magazine of the Haaretz newspaper group already published a special book supplement in its honor. Happily, on page 22 devoted to the new books published by Resling, book critic Renana Peled wrote about "Israel Fashion Art 1948-2008."

"שיכרון עיצובים - אמנות האופנה בישראל"

Renana Peled describes the book as an "exemplary photographic archive....Bat-Yaar divides the book into conceptual chapters which follow chronologically the development of the fashion scene and she diversifies the discussion with many perspectives such as cultural, political and social ones.

The book is a must have guide to all fashion lovers for the understanding of our cultural evolution and the role fashion played in connecting the various facets of society. It also describes the everlasting search for personal style and local identity. Bat-Yaar accompanies the extensive selection of photographs with interesting articles written in fluent language and rich with behind the scenes information...."

Thanks so much, Renana Peled. I highly appreciate your professional and through approach to the subject that manifests the fact that you really delved deeply into the book.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Zuri Gueta of "Israel Fashion Art 1948-2008" Recipient of 2010 Andy Prize

Hi, Today I would like to share with you the story of Zuri Gueta. Gueta is featured in "Israel Fashion Art 1948-2008
"שיכרון עיצובים - אמנות האופנה בישראל""
in the chapters devoted to textiles and to futuristic designs. Recently it has been announced that he is the 2010 recipient of the Andy Award for contemporary crafts founded by philanthrophist Charles Bronfman in the memory of his wife's love of the arts. The recipient of the Andy Award receives, among other things, an exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and two of his creations are purchased by the Tel Aviv Museum as well as by The Israel Museum in Jerusalem.
The picture enclosed here taken by Eshel Ezer which appears in the book's chapter about futuristic creations and technologies is of a unique lit dress designed by Zuri Gueta with Maya Arazi and Merav Levi in 1996 while they were still students at "Shenkar" college. It incorporates silicon, the futuristic material Zuri believes in. This exceptional material he is using to create avant-garde three dimensional fabrics, jewelry, accessories, and art works is highly innovative. No wonder they caught the eyes and aroused the curiosity of leading Paris designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier, "Dior," Armani" and many other leading designers who incorporated his textiles in their Haute Couture collections.
Zuri is one of several promising Shenkar students who caught my eye while they were still in college who more than fulfilled their promise being considered now stars in their respective fields of specialty.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nira Kats: "Israel Fashion Art Is an Intellectual Thrill."

Hi, Today I received a thank-you note from a very creative ready-made jewelry designer from Ramat-Gan. Her name is Nira Kats and and one of her unique creations (seen above) is featured in the chapter devoted to the Near and Far Eastern influence on Israel's design. "Your book is an intellectual thrill for me. Like many others, I too would like to thank you. Surely in the
future we'll hear and see from you additional great and fabulous things."

When Nira first showed me her designs I knew I just had to share them with "Yedioth Ahronoth" readers. Although in the eighties, recycling wasn't yet the order of the day Nira already created her pieces from ready-made objects. One of them, featured in
"שיכרון עיצובים - אמנות האופנה בישראל 1948-2008"
is this unique, very stylish pin she designed by recycling 2 pairs of chop-sticks. The picture, was stylized by yours truly and taken by Menahem Oz in 1988, the decade of the wide padded shoulders which seem to provide the perfect background for the dramatic yet delicate statement pin.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Exclusive Unique Historical Photos of Gideon Oberson in "Israel Fashion Art 1948-2008"

Hi, The other day quite by chance I came across a very unique post about
"שיכרון עיצובים אמנות האופנה בישראל 1948-2008"
"Israel Fashion Art - 1948-2008"
It appears in a fashion blog called "The Reclamationist" and it includes no less than 22 visuals (!!!) from my album-book, among them several which I had stylized and produced for "Yedioth Ahronoth" during the years I was the newspaper's fashion editor.

One of the stars of that post is haute-couture and master-swimwear designer Gideon Oberson who is Israel leading high-fashion creator. Oberson, referred as "the king"in that blog, is represented in it by four "Israel Fashion Art 1948-2008" unique and exclusive photos.

The first is a unique beach-wear creation which juxtaposes a very daring approach with a biblical style modesty in the form of a zippered, hooded top. This design-masterpiece was created on the occasion of Israel 40th anniversary, 22 years ago. It was taken by Menahem Oz and stylized by me for "Yedioth Ahronoth". It is featured in the book in the chapter "Israel - Miss World of the beachwear fashion."

The second photo (from the chapter devoted to creative pants) is a Peter Hertzog visual taken in 1969. It too is a sort of an East meets West creation in which harem pants are slashed and are
matched with a daring back decoltage.

The third picture is an abstract-art inspired gown from the chapter "The Love Story of Art & Fashion." It was taken by Israel Bonds in 1973 for its coast-to-coast fashion shows in the U.S.

Last but not least is the 1963 Oberson gown incorporating Yemenite filigren jewelry, also manifesting an East meets West approach. The image was taken by Gavra Mandil, and it is featured in the book in the chapter about bejeweled designs.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Hello, although this post was originally posted on May 3, 2010 I'm re-uploading it now since today I received an additional response from another Shenkar prof. asking me to "recommend" my "excellent book" to her Facebook design group members. So, I updated this post about the responses the book received from the academic world and here is the updated version.

Hi, Today I'm going to share with you some of the responses "Israel Fashion Art 1948-2008" which iscalled in Hebrew:
"שיכרון עיצובים - אמנות האופנה בישראל"
recieved from the academy.
Firstly, from Israel's leading fashion academy "Shenkar " college.
Shenkar's long-time president, Prof. Amotz Weinberg wrote to me "Nurit, I'm happy to see that you have fulfilled your mission...and have published a very impressive book that would, undoubtedly serve future generations of designers, being a good and objective documentation of Israel's fashion from the country's inception till today. Well Done!!!

Prof. Yuli Tamir, Shenkar's new president wrote to me:
"The book is fascinating and interesting...thank you very much...."
קיבלתי את הספר והוא מקסים ומעניין לקחתי אותו הביתה לסוף השבוע והיה לי זמן שקט להנות ממנו וללמוד רבות תודה רבה יולי
נשלח מה-iPhone שלי

Leah Perez, Shenkar Fashion Department Head wrote: Nurit, Thank you so much for the amazing book. You should be blessed for the important work that you have done.
All the best, Leah Perez.

אורנה מזור Orna Mazor, Shenkar design courses manager .Feb.4,2011
שמי אורנה , אני מתעסקת בעיצוב פנים ובסטיילינג ומנהלת את קורסי העיצוב בשנקר הנדסאים את מוזמנת להצטרף לקבוצה
ולהמליץ על הספר המצוין שלך ! בהצלחה גדולה אורנה מזור
I'm Design Manager of Shenkar's Engeeneering courses. You are invited to join our group and recommend your excellent book! With great success greetings, Orna Mazor.
Graphic Artists Anat Saacs and Dorit Berlin who heads the graphic dept. at Shenkar wrote about the book: "Congratulations on the publication of your book which we are sure is a great
contribution to Israel's world of design and fashion.

Mimi Ziv, a Shenkar prof. who also teaches at Technological Institute kindly remarked about the book: "Dear Nurit, your book is a treasure to all fashion lovers and since I lecture about fashion at Shenkar as well as at the Technological Institute I recommend it to all my students".

Another heart-warming response from the education world was that of Shoshana Guthilf, Chief fashion supervisor of the Office of Education who wrote: "Nurit, warm greetings on the publication of this beautiful and important book, which is a pure pleasure" .

Last but not least was Ran Shabani's, Head of Fashion Dept. at Wizo-Haifa Academy's response: "Nurit, the book is wonderful and is in my personal library as  well as in the library of Wizo-Haifa Academy. Congratulations!!!"

Also from a Fashion Dept. prof. Tami Gutman, at Wizo-Haifa Academy's (and formerly a student there) is this response: Hi Nurit, The first thing I did when I've heard about your book is to buy it and show it to my Wizo Academy students who were also very enthusiastic about it. Thanks a million for this amazing book. And of course it's my honor that you included a photo of a design of mine. Thanks again and congratulations on your blessed work. Tami.

One of the first representative of the academic world to comment about the book which I've included in my Feb. 20th, 2010 post (and forgot to include in this most relevant post) was Ronen Raz, who founded this year the fashion department at Avni school of Art and previously was the fashion dept. head at "Ascola". Ronen wrote:
 רונן רז RONEN RAZ, Fashion Dept. Head, Avni Art School, Feb. 12, 2010
"So beautiful and Exciting!!!
איזה יופי, מרגש !!
Warm greetings on the book's birth. An important document, so essential for the fashion arena.
We in "Avni" shall order several copies for our library.
ברכות חמות על לידת הספר. מסמך חשוב, אלמנטרי וחיוני ביותר בשדה האופנה
אנחנו באבני נזמין כמה עותקים לספרייה.