Photo: Isri Halpern. Design: Menusi-Benoish. Styling: Nurit Bat-Yaar

Photo: Isri Halpern. Design: Menusi-Benoish. Styling: Nurit Bat-Yaar
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Israeli Fashion from "Israel Fashion Art" book in British & U.S.A Web-Magazines

A Silvia Vered design in a Ido Lavie photo exclusive for "Israel Fashion Art" album-book by Nurit Bat-Yaar.

Hi, The fact that Israeli fashion and creativity has a lot to offer internationally has been
proven time and again when world fashion icons such as Jacky Kenedy Onassis, Princess
Diana, Elizabeth Taylor, Sarah Jessica Parker and many others had worn gowns, beachwear,
leather wear, and accessories designed by Israelis. This is all discussed in my album-book
 "Israel Fashion Art"   "שיכרון עיצובים - אמנות האופנה בישראל"
both in a chapter devoted to the subject as well as in relevant fashion concepts chapters.
This is one of the reasons I would like to interest an overseas publisher who would help bring
this coffee table book of mine to international crowd of fashionistas and culture and art lovers. 
Hence, I was very happy to discover that awarness of the book had reached an English and an American web magazines this week. My thanks for this goes to Anna la Germaine

of the London based Fashion Politics magazine: Israel Fashion-Art Book by Nurit Bat-Yaar Fashion Politics
who published part of the interview about the book (which was originally done by Daina Ryan Reed and Sonya Golod of ) providing its readers with the option to go to Dreedtea and read the article in full and view all the images included in it.

Thanks very much also to Benjamin Ivry of The Jewish Daily Forward. In his book report there named: Israeli Fashionistas in Under 500 Years – The Arty Semite – Forward ... in which he discussed
another book by Anat Helman he refered to "Israel Fashion Art" as well writing: "

A useful complement to Helman’s historical reflections is the lavishly illustrated book by Nurit Bat-Yaar, Israel Fashion Art 1948-2008 out last year from Resling Publishers, Tel Aviv. Former longtime fashion editor of the Yedioth Aharonot daily"...

In addition to that, Benjamin Ivry provides his readers with two video recordings of  Television  interviews about "Israel Fashion Art" (which he must have picked in U Tube) in which I'm discussing the book with Liat Regev of Channel 1 and with Moshe Datz of Channel 2.

To see the above please click:

Thanks so  much!!!

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