Photo: Isri Halpern. Design: Menusi-Benoish. Styling: Nurit Bat-Yaar

Photo: Isri Halpern. Design: Menusi-Benoish. Styling: Nurit Bat-Yaar
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Friday, May 13, 2011

"Israel Fashion Art 1948-2008" and the President's Two Wives

Harem-style overall pants by Miri Shafir. A 60s photo exclusive to "Israel Fashion Art 1948-2008" by Ben Lam.
Hi, the wonderful letter Israel's current President Shimon Peres wrote to me about the album-book "Israel fashion Art 1948-2008"
"שיכרון עיצובים – אמנות האופנה בישראל"
was posted here on October 15, 2010. Today, I would like to share with you an anecdote related to the book and an additional Israeli president:
former President Itshak Navon.

President Navon who like President Peres was closely associated with Israel's first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion purchased the book as a gift to his wife Miri Shafir. Hearing this from Miri, naturally made me very happy.

Unlike any other person – former President Navon had not one but two reasons to get the book: his two wives. His present wife Miri shafir is a former fashion designer whose creations are featured in the book. His first wife the late Ofira (Erez) Navon, who was Israel's first lady during his presidency years – is also featured in the book.

Ofira Erez as the "Typical Sabra" in 1956 in a photo exclusive to "Israel Fashion Art 1948-2008" album-book
In her youth, in 1956 Ofira was chosen by the weekly magazine "Haolam Haze" as the "Typical Sabra" representing the best-looking Israeli-born gal. With her lovely thick braid and her Yemenite-embroidered festive gowns she was sort of a fashion icon. I remember that as a young girl I used to look up to her and the excitement she aroused when she visited my parents' apartment in order to choose some olive-wood earrings and wide decorative pony-tail or braid pins for her trip to Paris for the international competition organized by Elle magazine.

No wonder, then, that a portrait of her, in her typical Israeli look, with her braid and a Yemenite embroidered dress, which she gave me, upon my request, many years ago is featured in the book.

A few days ago, Israel celebrated its 63rd Independence Day. I would like
to take this opportunity to thank dear Victoria Dolinsky Vice General Manager of Radio Reka for broadcasting on this special holiday an interview about the book in Russian for the benefit of the country's Russian newcomers.

Photos from the book (of a Gideon Oberson 1963 gown) were featured on that holiday in a Yaara Yaacov article in "Maariv"'s "Signon" magz. & in
and in Merav Crystal's article (of a "Rosh Indiani" and a "Topper"
80s designs) in the website of "Yedioth Ahronoth":
Thank you both dear Yaara and Merav.

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