Photo: Isri Halpern. Design: Menusi-Benoish. Styling: Nurit Bat-Yaar

Photo: Isri Halpern. Design: Menusi-Benoish. Styling: Nurit Bat-Yaar
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Monday, August 2, 2010

"Israel Fashion Art 1948-2008" Book on TV Ch 10 - Interview w/Nurit Bat-Yaar

Hi, Today I finally succeeded to upload the March 22, 2010 TV interview hosted by
Shira Felix on her channel 10 program "The Professionals" about "Israel Fashion Art - 1948-2008"
"שיכרון עיצובים - אמנות האופנה בישראל 1948-2008".

Shira Felix (who in the beginning of the program introduced me as the "high priestess of fashion, " a part you cannot see in the above clip because I was the second interviewee and for brevity purposes, this clip only includes my interview), introduced me at this point as the "mythic journalist who covered the most important and glamorous fashion events." She first inquired about my career beginning as a "Maskit" and photography model to which I replied how I happened to meet Israel's greatest designer of the original Israeli multi-cultural fashion creations, Fini Leitersdorf, who insisted that I become her "Maskit" model.

When asked how I had become a fashion journalist, I explained that during the same time that I had modeled, I had taken a fashion illustration course with Riki Ben-Ari (who was eventually chosen by Suzy Menkes as the Paris fashion week's illustrator of the English newspapers she wrote for). And during an interview that Eli Tavor of the "Haolam Haze" weekly conducted with me about a famous "orange picking" postcard I modeled for, I showed him some of my fashion illustrations. Those illustrations opened the door for me to fashion reporting.

I then talked about the three leading fashion industries: swimwear led by Lea Gottlieb of "Gottex" among whose clients were Princess Diana, the leather industry led by Lesli Fulop who dressed Jackie Kennedy, and the knits industry.  And naturally I noted "Maskit," founded by Rut Dayan, where the typical Israeli style was created using the handcrafts of the Hebrew tribes gathered from over 100 countries, among whose clients were Katherine Hepburn.

The book's photos shown were (in order of appearance): the yellow coin decorated design by Maskit's Fini Leitersdorf. When Ms. Felix noted it had an ethnic look, I explained how in each chapter, I chronologically followed in both words and photos the development of each design aspect. For example, in the coins chapter, I began with the Yeminite and the Bedouin ethnic style, continued to the "Maskit" creation inspired by them, and from there to the striking modern interpretations of the subject such as a tunic by "Shenkar"'s Silvia Vered inspired by Europe's monetary change and Shai Shalom's red carpet asymmetric gown (See its photo in my July 28, 2010 post).

Additional photos shown from book were present time Mor Hemed's futuristic sculptural creation, Achsa Lapid Gera's patchwork creation (for which she won international prizes), the legendary model Tami Ben-Ami photo in her own design (to whom I had provided her first chance as a photography model), Maskit's Leitersdorf gown inspired by Y. Simon's painting, Gottex beachwear designs and a Rozi Ben-Yosef Kafia fabric kaftans.

When asked about Israel's place in the international arena, I quoted Roberto Cavali's and Shenkar's teacher Tamara Yovel Jones about Israel's great creativity (which according to her is only surpassed by Japan's designers) and mentioned Lanvin's Alber Elbaz who made the most distinguished Time's 100 list and told how he called me while he was still a soldier (before even starting his fashion education at Shenkar) asking me to lecture on fashion for a Liza Boker show he organized for female soldiers. Elbaz himself tells about this incident in the forward he wrote for my book.

The interview concluded with the question: Where are we headed now? I replied: Saving our globe and going green. I gave as examples: Bagir's suits created from recycled plastic bottles and Bezalel's Maria Elper's creation from recycled plastic bags woven into a stunning halter neck top.

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